Information for Grade 5 Band

Band is a graded class that happens once out of every three days during the arts period. No academic class time is missed. The sacrifice that band members have to make is that they miss half of their arts (music, art, computer, wellness, etc…) time during the year. They will not miss any class completely.

Instruments offered in Grade 5

Flute-Oboe-Bassoon-Alto saxophone-Clarinet-Tenor Saxophone

Trumpet-French Horn-Trombone-Euphonium-Tuba

We ask that the students play at home a little every day. While the sounds they make in the beginning will be interesting, we promise that over time it will get better. We teach the students everything; no prior musical experience is needed.

It is incredibly important to make sure that a student’s instrument makes it to school for every class.

The students most likely to succeed are the ones that bring their instrument to school for every band class.

There are two mandatory concerts for 5th grade. The first is in December, the second in Late May/early June. We will have exact dates at the beginning of the school year. These are the only after school commitments in 5th and 6th grade. However if we feel the student is falling behind we will request that they stay after school for extra help.

Instrument Rental: Because of available services at their local store, we generally recommend that you rent instruments through a music store offering a rent-to-own program. You pay a monthly rental fee and over time you will own the instrument. By renting you will be able to switch instruments without losing the money you have paid towards the original instrument. They also offer great deals if you decide to buy the instrument outright. I recommend the insurance they offer.

Recommended music stores for instrument rental:

  K&C Music 781-769-6520 www.kandcmusic.com - Click here for K&C Info Flyer

  Eastern Music 508-823-7117 www.easternmusiconline.com

If you already own a used instrument at home, we will check to make sure it works and everything functions the way it should. There are local instrument repair shops available at Eastern Music and others for those needing work before they are useful for class.

The students need the “Making Music Matter” band book FOR THE APPROPRIATE INSTRUMENT, available at jwpepper.com or local music stores

We recommend a music stand for home practice

Saxophones, clarinets, oboes, and bassoons are required to have a regular supply of reeds. Damaged reeds will not make a quality sound and hurt the chances for success.

In addition to instrument rentals, there is a $30 band fee the city requires us to collect once a year while the students are in middle school bands. This fee may be waived in circumstances of financial hardship.  Contact Mr. Frye jfrye@tauntonschools.org to have this fee addressed.

E-mail us If you have any questions or you may call 508-821-1153 to leave a message.

Mrs. Frye (Martin/Parker Middle) - mfrye@tauntonschools.org

Mrs. Caliri (Friedman Middle) – tcaliri@tauntonschools.org